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A & G Secures Victory For Water Board

March 17 2016 | blog

Kudos to DeWayne Williams (Shareholder/Director) and Anna Rainer (Associate) of Aaron & Gianna, PLC for obtaining the second of two hard fought Motions for Summary Judgment in the Title VII action  entitled Cassandra Jones vs Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans et al filed in the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.     In her suit against the Water Board Jones, an operater at the Water Board's Boiler Room Unit,  alleged that she was denied a promotion at the Water Board's Power and Pumping Department due to her sex, was constructively discharged from her employment, was continuously subjected to discrimination because of her sex and was retaliated against due to her engaging in a protected activity.   In its Answer and Affirmative Defenses,the Water Board denied the Title VII violations alleged by Jones, noted procedural defects relative to certain of her claims and asserted that the denial of the promotion at issue was due solely to Jones' admitted physical inability to perform the duties of the position sought in a safe manner.

In the first Motion for Summary Judgment prosecuted by Williams and Rainer and ruled on by Judge Ginger Berrigan they were successful in defeating Jones' claims of constructive discharge and continuous discrimination.   In the second and final Motion for Summary Judgment which was transferred to Judge Stanwood Duval (due to Judge Berrigan taking a leave of absence) Williams and Rainer obtained dismissal of Jones' claims of sex discrimination and retaliation.   In granting the second  Motion for Summary Judgment, Judge Duval noted at great length Jones' failure to satisfy the three part  burden shifting test enunciated by the U. S. Supreme Court in McDonnell Douglas Corp v. Green 411 U.S.792 (1973).

In commenting on the victory Bill Aaron, Aaron & Gianna's Managing Shareholder observed: "Although I was technically lead counsel on this matter the laboring oars were clearly in the steady hands of DeWayne Williams and Anna Rainer."

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