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May 17 2019 | blog

On May 8, 2019 in a 32 page opinion in case number 2018-CA-0726 a three judge panel  of the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal consisting of Judges Roland L. Belsome,  Joy Cossich Lobrano and Tiffany G. Chase affirmed the August 1, 2018 decision of Civil District Court Judge Piper Griffin which had enjoined the City of New Orleans from unlawfully diverting ad valorem tax proceeds  due and owing to the Downtown Development  District  of the City of New Orleans (DDD) and using that money to defray pension obligations owed by the City to various state pension funds.  The panel additionally denied exceptions brought by the City for the first time on appeal, denied the City’s request to consider material not part of the trial court record  and affirmed the trial court’s denial of the DDD request for a writ of mandamus.

The DDD was represented before the court of appeal by Aaron & Gianna attorneys William D. Aaron, Jr., DeWayne L. Williams and Anna A. Rainer.

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